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    this is the only thing i care about. after the sun has collapsed and the universe has retracted into a singularity i hope this video continues to exist somewhere in paradox space.

    i do not think this guy needs that coffee

    this guy definitely does not need that coffee

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    Tyra Banks ending the life of a homophobe on national tv. 

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    John Oliver Expected To Catch Miss America In A Lie, But What He Found Was Kinda Worse

    Well, that sucks.

    Here are direct links to the Society of Women Engineers and the Rankin Foundation if that video makes you want to throw them a donation too. 

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    やってみた(笑)〜 Urara

    We tried it out lol 〜 Urara

    Hey, wait a minute, what is this?

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    idk about the rest of y’all, but i love this guy’s vines


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    "bout to ding dong ditch sam pepper"

    good to see that this guy is trying to catch the progressive positive attention wave by making fun of sam pepper, just like how he talked shit about nash grier when it was a hot topic

    except oops, looks like someone doesn’t actually give a shit and just tries to play his audience like a fiddle

    isn’t that awkward, looks like he just rang the doorbell of his own house by mistake

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    BREAKING: Peaceful Protesters In Ferguson MO Get Pummeled By Police Officers After Their Chief Marched With Protesters

    • I think the PD is aggressively attacking protestors because they assume & no longer gives a damn
    • Chief Jackson did this. His officers did this. Women were attacked. He said he was marching with us. Lies..he set us up
    • And Chief Jackson didn’t do ANYTHING to stop the attacks and mayhem. DID NOTHING!
    • LOTS of cops out right now. A short clash with the police after arrests were made. Live Feed Here:

    Fuck the police.  Seriously.  All this to protect a murderer.

    yall have been seent

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    for those who do not know who cybersix is.

    I always feel so pained when people don’t know Cybersix.

    Cybersix is a forgotten national treasure of Canadian programming — it’s an unexpected collaboration between the Japanese studio TMS Animation and the Canadian animation network Teletoon. It’s a loose adaptation of the Argentine comic of the same name and cancelled only after a 13 episode season run (probably because it was too good to exist) and market distribution thereafter has been limited and obscure at best.

    The MC is genderqueer/nonbinary who presents as a male teacher by day and a lady crime fighter by night, has a brother who also happens to be a panther who also fights crime, has a bara love interest who is drawn to both identities, the villains are ex-Nazi SS agents, AMAZING ANIMATION, and so many other great things.

    Also the opening is gorgeous.

    CYBERSIX IS THE GREATEST THING! They just re-edited the DVDs and you can buy them on Amazon and it is super worth it.

    As a warning tho, the original comic is NSFW and not LGBT friendly, to the contrary of the animated show. The art is cool as hell tho.

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  9. mooseings:

    Channel 9 cameraman calls Australian Muslim a “fucking terrorist” and then his reaction is used by the media to portray “Muslim gets angry at cameraman”.

    Look at this prime example of just how messed up Australia’s media is. Look at how desperate they are to fuel the xenophobia that’s sweeping through the country since the introduction of Tony Abbott’s new “Terror Laws” and raising the Terror Alert. It’s absolutely disgusting. 

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  10. tchuess:

    "bout to ding dong ditch sam pepper"

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  11. feferi:


    Urgent new video: Sam Pepper Exposed

    Here are the disturbing unheard stories happening behind closed doors, other YouTube offenders to watch out for, and what we can do about it.

    for anyone who doesn’t know what’s been going on on youtube rn this is a pretty good breakdown. i know not everyone is a fan of laci green for a variety of reasons but a LOT of major youtubers have carefully avoided addressing this outside of twitter, so i think it’s important that someone with an audience this large is making a video that doesn’t beat around the bush, doesn’t mince words, and calls sam pepper out directly. this video does contain clips from videos of sam pepper and other youtubers harassing and assaulting women in the street, and descriptions of / links to accounts of sam pepper sexually assaulting fans, so be warned before you watch it. 

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  12. edwardspoonhands:

    I honestly believe that other entertainment communities have these problems but don’t talk about them. I’m proud that when we find out someone is being completely disgusting, we don’t try to sweep it under the rug. We don’t let them back in to perform at the Grammies next year. We don’t pretend they’re too big to be packed up in a box and removed.

    I’m not saying we couldn’t do a better job. But I’m proud of how the community has handled this. Particularly Laci, who is amazing.

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  13. glaad:

    GLAAD attended one of NYC’s 2014 Bi Visibility Day Parties on the evening of Tuesday September 23rd at the historic Stonewall Inn where they asked Bisexual New Yorkers, What does your bisexuality look like?

    Watch them respond to that question and more! #BiWeek

    Unable to make it down that night? Join us online:

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    Friendly reminder that Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) really, really wants to be Luke Cage.

    So badly in fact, he made his own teaser trailer.



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    San Francisco Chinese Restaurant Temporarily Closes Because White Gentrifiers are Annoying and Entitled

    A series of customer complaints angered the chef-owner of the small Chinese restaurant so much that he chose to shut the doors, albeit, temporarily, SF Eater reports.

    “We are closed because of you (customers),” one sign read.

    “So…yes we use MSG, we don’t believe in organic food, and we don’t give a shit about gluten free,” a sign directly below the first proclaims.

    The chef tells KGO-TV that he made the signs because he was tired of catering too hard to satisfy patrons.

    To illustrate his frustration, he explained one of the incidents that led to the closure:

    “The second guy came up to me and said, ‘The rule is, if we don’t like it we don’t have to pay.’ And as he walked out he started cursing at me and that’s when I went ‘poof’,” the chef says.

    An employee with the restaurant told the SF Eater that another incident occurred just prior. In that case, the party refused to pay for their meals after saying the food was “too spicy.”

    (To quickly address the stigmatization of MSG- it is racist bullshit)



    Too. Spicy.

    White people are just collectively useless in San Francisco.

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