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    (cont.) So it’s safe to say that Grant Ward didn’t have that either, isn’t it? Grant Ward didn’t have friends. He didn’t meet people who could set him on a good path. Grant Ward only knew abuse and conditioning. Even without knowing the whole story, Coulson still makes a comment in the pilot that he’s surprised Ward didn’t turn out worse. So I think it’s safe to assume that Grant Ward could have actually been worse. Even Coulson thinks that.

    Well this has never happened before. Yes, I made that comment on a friend’s blog on her post wondering about people comparing the two and finding it an unfit comparison.

    If you are looking for someone to sympathize with Grant Ward, you came to the wrong ask box, sport. Ward went to school. He had teachers. He had fellow students, and the opportunity to learn right from wrong and recognize that the way his family treated him? Was wrong. And he could recognize that— he was so angry about the way his brother treated him that he tried to light his brother on fire. And I’m sure he knew that was wrong too, but he didn’t care because he saw it as just or something in 15-year-old Grant Ward’s head. 

    Natasha was taken at a young, young age, isolated to ONLY people who would train her in her duties, and essentially taught a way of life as the only way with no chance to experience, you know, regular people who exhibit things like compassion. She was dehumanized and turned into a tool for basically her entire life.

    People likening Grant Ward to Natasha and to Bucky Barnes super grind my gears, because Natasha and Bucky (though they even have differing situations) had their humanity violently stripped away from them with no choice given. Ward has many opportunities to make choices.

    You wanna make a Ward / Winter Soldier comparison? Here’s one for you: when Ward is given the choice to kill Fitz and Simmons or fight back against Garrett over people he should supposedly care about, he chooses to kill Fitz and Simmons. When the Winter Soldier is ordered to kill Steve Rogers, he FIGHTS HIS BRAIN WASHED CONDITIONING AND SAVES HIS LIFE. Natasha makes the conscious choice to break away from her conditioning and to try and make right for all the terrible things she did that were not. her. fault. Because she literally did not know any better. And Natasha take responsibility for these things, even though they were not her fault, and I would bet money that Bucky will be haunted by the acts he committed as the Winter Soldier. Ward, meanwhile, takes responsibility for nothing and plays the victim— EVEN GARRET CALLS HIM ON THAT.

    Also, Grant Ward is a PIG, says disgusting things to / about Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff, Melinda May, and SKYE who he supposedly loves, but then makes a vile rapey threat to.

    Albus Dumbledore once said it is our choices that define us. Ward. Makes. Shitty. Choices.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no time for that misogynistic sociopath or for defending him.

    #natasha actively tries to be a better person to atone for her past #this is literally her entire MCU character arc #ward has been given the chance to do so with the team #FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR #he was given time and space and chances to become a decent human being #he was given morality lessons and the importance of honesty #and he spat on it right in the face #natasha took every chance she could to become a better person #’i owe him a debt’ ‘i thought i knew the lies i was telling’ ‘who do you want me to be?’ #and she was recruited into SHIELD in her TWENTIES #and she never makes excuses for it or wallows in self-pity #like our whiny whiteboy did #she has reached an equilibrium with what she’s done #and is not trying to erase it in any way #and if she can do that after going through god-know-what-kind of brainwashing #you can take your nazi apologism and piss on it #this is a grant ward hate blog

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    clint brooding because natasha is in a mission far away so hes nested on a corner of the sofa while bucky is on the other

    bucky just looks at him, takes off his arm and uses it to put his hand on clints shoulder without scooting over like ’hey son i know this is hard’

    'she didnt even tol-wHY IS YOUR DETACHED ARM TOUC HING ME'

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    “I remember the Winter Soldier.” 
    “What can you tell us about him?” 
    “He’s dead.” 
    “How do you know he’s dead?”
    “I’m the one who killed him.”

    Part 1 - This Bullet Lodged in My Chest, Covered with Your Name by Cinaed 

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    Before we saw any footage with Natasha, she’s “just there to look sexy”, “she’s just a pair of boobs”, “she won’t be able to hold her own with the rest of the boys”, “she’s too emotional”, “ugh she’s a robot”, “she’s just gonna be there for a romance subplot” and a whole list of other bullshit…

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Lady Avengers! and Black Widow lmao
Based on the official poster with some tweaks (Bruce based on his individual poster). Thanks to everyone who came to the livestream!






    Lady Avengers! and Black Widow lmao

    Based on the official poster with some tweaks (Bruce based on his individual poster). Thanks to everyone who came to the livestream!



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