1. Cum


    I hate the word “cum”, it just confuses people. It’s used in lieu of orgasm, ejaculation, and ejaculate all of which are very different things.

    Orgasm: a release after a build up of pleasure. This is a feeling. It can cause physiological responses like shaking, tightening of the muscles, moaning, quickness of breath or holding your breath, or ejaculation but really this varies so much from person to person there’s not really a way for a partner to tell if you have orgasmed.

    Ejaculation: the expelling of liquids from the genitals. This can occur in a penis or a vulva. With vulval ejaculation, true ejaculation is a secretion from the skene’s gland much like what the prostate produces to put in semen and it comes from the urethral opening. However, ejaculation can also refer to vaginal lubrication being expelled from the vagina.

    Ejaculate: another name for either semen or that which is secreted from the skene’s gland, or vaginal lubrication.

    Although orgasm and ejaculation usually occur together with those with penises this doesn’t always happen and with those with vulvas they rarely go together. Only a few people orgasm or ejaculate at the same time.

    So can we stop using the word “cum” now?

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