1. Why is it considered a legitimate research question to ask if we exist? Because bisexuals are framed as liars, by both the straight and the lesbian/gay communities. Because it’s a way to other and exoticise us.

    Because there is a long tradition of not taking any marginalized group’s experiences seriously until their lived experience was "verified" by someone in the majority.
    Patrick RichardsFink, bisexual activist, researcher and blogger in comment to the Huffington Post 26 March 2014 (via fliponymous)
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  2. playbunny:

    Sigh, Okay so you all may have seen my updates on my post wisdom teeth surgery. You all helped me gain money to take them out and it was a successful surgery and I’ve had NO MORE PAIN in my mouth so just bless.

    HOWEVER, after I’ve gotten them out I’ve noticed some extreme symptoms I’ve been having afterwards. For example, I’ve been having stomach pains and just very runny/liquidy bowels with BLOOD. Bright right blood and it hasn’t stopped.

    We called our Insurance to get through to a nurse and she tells me its immediate that I have to go be seen in the Emergency room.

    My dad on the other hand is just really fed up and upset and yelling about how broke we are and that he didn’t even want to take me. All the money we get for I to be able to go the doctor is made by me with commissions and usually donations because we don’t have it. My dad is retired.

    The hospital where I go to usually asks for payments upfront and its like $300 for just a visit and idk if I’ll be staying there or not.

    I have $100 right now so I’m just asking for some support on this, I really have NO choice. So here’s the donation paypal :


    Or you can go to the front of my blog and click the donation button 


    Just thank you guys and please signal boost this if you can, its an emergency ;;

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    UPDATE : (September 02, 2014)



    ((My mom brought my laptop to the hospital))

    So as I’ve been updating you guys, I have been admitted to the hospital and I’ve been here since Friday, I currently still am. I went through a multitude of tests but we finally know what is wrong with me.

    I developed Ulcerative Colitis, and its treatable and at least I know what happened. But yep, the testing and other things I’ve been through haven’t been fun at all. I’ll be home soon but I REALLY still need you guys’ help. 

    I know I’ll be expecting some hefty bills which my family cannot afford and every penny counts. Even if you can’t donate I’d appreciate a reblog and thank you also for all your get well messages, they’re very uplifting ;u;

    Thank you everyone <3

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  3. buckysexual:

    Like guys i literally wake up to anon hate every morning. I just generally get more nice anons which is the only reason i don’t turn anon asking off.

    Hang in there, babe. You’re doing a world of good, and you’re reaching people. The anon hate means your presence is strong enough that they feel legitimately threatened and want to take some of their power back.

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  4. la-negra-barbuda:




    If you’re not English and you speak English that’s cultural appropriation

    except most of the world speaks english because of colonization/imperalism. but thanks for playing.

    If the trans-Atlantic slave trade hadn’t completely destroyed any chance I had of knowing my true country of origin you could most certainly have the shit back, but here we are, so you can shut the fuck up.


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  5. becauseiamawoman:


    If you’re anything like me, you spent your summer powering-through an endless to-do list and making the most of those extra hours of daylight. Or maybe you’re nothing like me and you spent your summer relaxing and hanging by the pool. Either way, with September approaching, many of us are either putting our nose back to the grindstone for fall or heading back to school.

    Now seems like as good of a time as any to put into practice some of those everyday self-care practices into play that we are always recommending. Although self-care is something we all owe to ourselves, many of us rarely devote as much time to it as we need. That’s why this September, Because I am a Woman is embarking on the 30 Days of Self-Care Challenge!

    What is the 30 Days of Self-Care Challenge? Quite simply, every day for the entire month of September I will be taking a moment out of my day to check-in with myself and practice an act of self-care— even when I feel like I don’t have time.  I’ll also be documenting this journey as I navigate it in hopes of normalizing self-care as a daily practice, especially for those of us who work everyday in careers related to the movement in some way.

    You can follow my journey with daily posts on Because I am a Woman, on our Twitter page @BCiamawoman and my personal account @AllyBoguhn,  where I will be documenting it using the tag #30daysofselfcare. 

    Can you join the 30 Days of Self-Care Challenge? Absolutely. Even if you can’t commit to doing it everyday, participate as you can using our tag on Tumblr or Twitter. If we see your posts, we will be sure to promote them at the end of the week!

    Any questions? As always, you can reach me or any of the BCIAW contributors by submitting a question or emailing us at becauseiamawoman.tumblr@gmail.com

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  6. fannyann:

    i would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining 

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    Does anyone else reply to a text mentally but not physically then forgets to actually reply all together or is that just me

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  8. Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female | Tor.com


    the best part of this article is how archaeologists used to assume every corpse buried with a sword was male

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  9. teenagefaerie:

    sometimes i’m intimidated by how amazing and talented and brilliant the people i’m friends with are and it makes me want to back away and sit down and find people who are less what i want and more what i deserve

    and then i remember how much i hated it when friends i wanted to pursue back in the day would distance themselves from me because they felt intimidated so i think “fuck that” and instead work extra hard to make them feel loved and appreciated because life is too short to be afraid of the people you love just because you think you don’t deserve them

    and chances are you really do actually deserve them


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  10. dajo42:


    come closer one second


    little closer


    okay close enough


    i have a simple question: which of us is wearing a crown?


    that would be me.


    do you know what this crown means?


    it means i look fucking cute


    and you’re the human embodiment of a sore butt


    now as your fucking queen, i royally declare


    that i am beautiful and you are a listerine enema

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  11. bonerfart:


    *upper middle class fucker voice* But you have [one nice thing] so how are you poor 


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  12. hardcore-male-nurse:

"Her name is Dinah Drake Lance… she is known as the Black Canary… but this bird doesn’t sing… she Fights!”


    "Her name is Dinah Drake Lance… she is known as the Black Canary… but this bird doesn’t sing… she Fights!

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  13. africanaquarian:

    I highly approve of Black tumblr/ twitter exposing racists and getting them fired from their place of work and fucking up their income.

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  14. vastderp:


    I am really at the end of my ability to just wince politely when people explain to me so Very Authoritatively that why yes I am actually a traitor to feminism who has “chosen” to become the oppressor.

    Cute. Really cute. I like the implication that I, as a trans man, am morally obligated to not transition, regardless of how painful not doing so is.

    Of course, on the day when I finally tell someone off I can look forward to being labeled Bad Person who is Not Trans Enough Or In the Right Way, Who Is Not Properly Deferent To Those With Loud Opinions On The Proper Way To Trans.

    I’m sorry, but I spent 20+ years being told to shut up in every space I ever joined for being female, I’m not going to just roll with it now that I’m supposed to shut up in queer spaces because I’m not the proper trans for some people.

    I’m already watching friends get called every name in the book because if you disagree with whatever the prevailing wisdom of the week is, then you must be the enemy.

    Do not fucking blame me for my transition. Do not sit there and fucking tell me “well you kinda did turn your back on women and feminism” because what you’re telling me is that it’s better for the world if I’d just died.

    bolded my favorite bit

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  15. whisperingf0rests:


    Most importantly: you’re stronger than you think.


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